Trade Deadline has come… and gone. Check out the moves from the last 36 hours.

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Granger traded from long time home.                                                   PHOTO: USA TODAY SPORTS

Today was the 2013-14 NBA trade deadline and much like the ones before it there wasn’t really that much going on.

It did heat up a little bit right at the 2 p.m. (central) deadline.

Hair of the Dog is here to rank the top trades that went down in the past 36 hours.  

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E. Turner is happy to be on top of the East.                  PHOTO:USA TODAY SPORTS

1. The Indiana Pacers trades Danny Granger to the Philadelphia 76’ers for Evan Turner and Lavoy  Allen.  

Granger, 30, has averaged 17.6 points in his career for the Pacers. He has been sidelined the past two years from nagging injuries.  The Pacers were also expected to lose Granger this summer to free agency.  

Turner, 25, gives Indiana an extremely talented, young player who is averaging 17.4 points, six rebounds and 3.7 assists for the Sixers this season.  He was the No. 2 overall pick in the 2010 NBA draft.

Turner will be a restricted free agent this summer but the Pacers are expected to bring him back.

This move helps the Pacers, who already have the best record in the East, in their quest of knocking off the reigning two time Eastern Conference, and NBA, champion Miami Heat this season. Indiana is hungry this year, you can see it in every game they play, this move should make them even more dominant. Granger has struggled to return to his pre-injury form.  

This trade took place RIGHT at the the 2 pm deadline. There are already rumors of Danny Granger being bought out of his contract making him eligible to sign with any team in the NBA. The Granger/Turner trade takes HOTD ‘s top trade of this year’s trades. 

2. Nets land King’s Marcus Thornton for Jason Terry and Reggie Evans. 

This trade gives the Nets a talented wing man who is much younger than what they had before in Jason Terry. One part of this trade that is not really been talked about is now after this trade Reggie Evans and Quincy Acy are on the same squad. Talk about scrappy defense and rebound city! Plus some similar nasty beards. Check out the link  below for more:  

Thornton is Brooklyn bound

3. Denver sends disgruntled Andre Miller to the Wizards for Jan Vesely. Wizards send Eric Maynor to Philly for 2nd round picks in three team trade. 

<img src="andremiller.jpg" alt="Andre Miller traded to Washington " />

Andre Miller never seems to be happy…

Andre Miller, 38, is considered by many as one of the better backup point guards in NBA history. He also has a temper when he does not get his way. In this case, he gets his way out of the Mile-High City and into the nations capital. For the 5th seeded Washington Wizards Miller will back up this year’s slam dunk champion John Wall.  Jan Vesely WHO?! goes to Denver. Vesely has been a bust but he is still only 24 years old. The 76’ers definitely win this trade receiving 2 second round picks and back up guard Eric Maynor. Not a great trade….seems like teams just trade to trade on the deadline. 

4.Rockets send Aaron Brookes to Denver for Jordan Hamilton

Denver loses its backup point guard in the trade mentioned above and replaced him the same day in this trade. Brooks and the guy he will be behind in the rotation, Ty Lawson are both 5’11 on a good day. Thats short, FYI.  

Hamilton is a 6-foot-7  athletic wing player that the Rockets have been looking to improve their bench with. One problem, he is more of an experiment than a solution.  Hamilton is 23 and has averaged 6.8 points so far this season. 

Like we said….the trade deadline was kind of blah today other than the top deals, this one is no exception. 

Other moves from the deadline:

Players who we thought would be moved but stayed put:

  • Cavs Luol Deng– Deng was available for trade at the deadline after being traded to Cleveland earlier in the season. Deng has stated he would not re-sign with the Cavs. hence the availability  LONG STORY SHORT: Cleveland wanted a 1st round pick for Deng, no one wanted to give that up. Deng stays. 
  • Lakers Jordan Hill– LA was approached by many teams for Hill’s services. Nothing really got to the serious stage. 
  • Knicks Iman Shumpert– Lots of talk about New York moving Shump until….he sprained his MCL last night. Oklahoma City was interested in him but talks fell through. At the deadline the Clippers almost pulled the trigger on a trade that would send Matt Barnes and Darren Collison to NY for Shump but backed out at the last moment. booo….that would have made for an awesome-er deadline. 
  • Lakers Pau Gasol-When is Gasol not supposed to be traded? haha, no.. seriously? Suns thought about making a move but stood pat. People seem to think Gasol will be moved in the off-season in some sort of sign and trade. 
  • Magic’s Glen Davis– Orlando never really got close to getting rid of the power forward out of LSU.

It now looks like Davis will be bought out, making him eligible to sign with any other team. HOTD’s money is on him signing with the Clippers 

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