Tonight’s the night. Jimmy Fallon takes over “Tonight Show”

Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Ten days after exiting “Late Night,” Jimmy Fallon makes his much-anticipated debut tonight as host of NBC’s ‘Tonight Show.’ Fallon, who is replacing Jay Leno as the iconic NBC late night host, returns the show to New York after four decades based on the West Coast.

The show will also be reclaiming Rockefeller Center’s Studio 6B, where “Tonight” aired during the early Johnny Carson years.

Many critics believe Fallon has a chance to do something that  David Letterman and Jay Leno have never really been able to do, be the next Johnny Carson. uhhhh what? 

Now before you go freaking out on me… I am in no way saying this is going to happen. It is a different time period, audience and humor but the traits are there.

This is also no shot at Leno or Letterman. Both men are extremely good at what they do, but it seems Letterman is trying to hard to be his own brand, a rebel & Leno was trying too hard to please the network, the opposite he gained notoriety from in his stand-up days. 

Carson became the security blanket for the US for over thirty years thanks to a skillful monologue, his way with his guests & his corny skits. While his monologue still needs work, Fallon is known for his impeccable impressions of people, corny skits, incorporating music into his skits & his quick wit.

There is one trait where he is head and shoulders above his peers. Fallon is a genuinely nice person.  

“Jimmy Fallon is nice as pie without being fake about it. His personality is never innocuous, but he has an easy, laughing way of communicating how much he likes people, which is why the occasional awkwardness of his interviewing skills doesn’t matter all that much; as with Johnny, what you’re enjoying is Jimmy’s enjoyment of the moment,” Entertainment News’ Owen Gleiberman says in his most recent piece comparing Fallon to Carson.  

There is no way Fallon’s Tonight Show’ will put up numbers even close to Carson’s ‘Tonight Show’ but that is mostly because of the changing landscape of television. Fallon, 39, relates with a younger crowd & will help the viewership in the younger demographics. 

Fallon has said that the ‘Tonight Show’ will not be much different from ‘Late Night’ and will include “Hashtags” and “Thank You Notes” 

To hold us over until tonights show, lets take a look back at some of Jimmy Fallon’s best moments on ‘Late Night’ 

 ‘Slow Jam the News’ with President Barack Obama 

‘Slow Jam the News’ with Mitt Romney  

Jimmy and Tom play some Egg Roulette 

‘The History of Rap’ with Justin Timberlake

Lip Sync Battle between Joseph Gordon-Levitt  (Who’s birthday is today, happy 33rd birthday, JGL! Stephen Merchant and Jimmy Fallon This is my personal favorite! 

‘Hashtag’ with Justin Timberlake

Jimmy, Robin Thicke & The Roots- ‘Blurred Lines’ with classroom instruments.

Jimmy, Miley, and The Roots perform an a cappella version of “We Can’t Stop.”

Jimmy and the Muppets say goodbye to ‘Late Night’

Jimmy Fallon brings his ‘Late Night’ house band, The Roots, with him to the ‘Tonight Show’. Fallon makes his debut this evening at 11 pm (central). Scheduled guests are U2 and Will Smith


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