Casting announcements for Fox’s ‘Gotham’ a Batman prequel.


 “FOX has given a “direct-to-series” order for ‘Gotham,’ which has been adapted by Bruno Heller, with a pilot directed by Danny Cannon” and with that, HERE…WE…GO!  two days ago casting began for a Batman prequel, ‘Gotham’. oh yeah! I AM BATMAN! 

The upcoming Fox drama series has cast Austin, Texas native & ‘Southland’s’ Ben McKenzie in the lead role of Detective James Gordon.


The DC Comics-based series will explore the origin of “Batman.” With a young James Gordon trying to work his way up the Gotham City Police chain. omg omg omg, color me excited!

Well today, Warner Brothers announced that it has cast Oswald Cobblepot, Barbara Kean  the famous Wayne family butler, Alfred Pennyworth.  

Robin Lord Taylor will play Oswald Cobblepot, who “Gotham” studio WBTV describes as a lower-level sociopath gangster “with the brains of a chess grandmaster and the morals of a jackal.” Cobblepot works for gangster Fish Mooney. This follows DC comics. If you have read them or know about Batman in general, you know that Oswald later becomes the Penguin. once again…color me excited.  

Erin Richards has been tapped to play Barbara Kean, an ER doctor and fiancee to James Gordon. Look at that…another accurate DC comic character. 

Sean Pertwee has been brought in to play the famous Alfred Pennyworth, who is an ex-marine from London. Pertwee will become extremely dedicated to young Bruce Wayne after the deaths of Bruce’s parents. oh yea…this will be good… 

One major role has not yet been casted… the role of a young Bruce Wayne. aka Batman, duh.  The character is expected to be around 12 years old, HitFlix reports.  This one will be an interesting casting, and how he will fit into the series. 

Please, please, please Warner Brothers and Fox, do not screw this up. It has loads of potential and if done correctly, could gain quite a viewership.
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